The View Presents: “AFRO BROS”

The View Presents: “AFRO BROS”

  • Location:Curacao
  • Venue:The View
  • Length:10:00 pm – 03:00 am

Take the elevator to the 3rd floor to witness and experience “Ten Thirty” with Afro Bros.

Afro Bros, also known as Giordano and Rashid. The two superstar dj’s based in the Netherlands conquering the house scene.

Afro Bros is known for their unique house sound with a tropical touch. Their remixes and bootlegs of Shakira and DJ Chuckie have over 200.000 downloads and 1.000.000 clicks. Their Dubbelfrisss track featuring Alvaro became a major hit in The Netherlands, Portugal, South-America and Indonesia whereby their sound immediately got picked up by the national and international house scene.

Witness something never seen before on the island!